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Review of Ports O’Call Village 1200 Nagoya Way, Los Angeles, CA 90731 San Pedro Review

May 11, 2015

Ports O’Call Village
1200 Nagoya Way
Los Angeles, CA 90731
San Pedro


This place has gone downhill over the years thanks to the new crowd of people that frequent this once great Village. Was here recently with a friend and we we’re stunned at what had happened to this place. I thought we had accidentally driven too far and ended up in Mexico! The parking lot was jammed and filled to the gills with more Mexicans trying to get into the place. It was like Tijuana. There were gang members or at Mexicans dressed like gang members. It was eerie and sad at what a catastrophe this place has now become. It used to be so amazing and calming to go to Ports O’Call and take a quiet stroll through the village. Now it’s wall to wall people who all seem to be illegals. Some of them driving down the wrong way in the parking lot seemingly on purpose. These people don’t care and it shows. Both my friend and I looked at each other and left as quickly as possible admitting that we will never again set foot on Ports O’Call. What was once an amazing place back in the 80’s and 90’s is now no more. They should just tear the place down. On the way out, there were many cop cars with their lights on blocking some of the parking lanes for what seemed like illegal activity going on. Sad. Just plain sad what’s become of this place.


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