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How on earth did Dalton Hayes fall in love with 13 year old Cheyenne Phillips?

January 20, 2015

A rationale soul may ask, “How on earth did Dalton Hayes fall in love with 13 year old Cheyenne Phillips?”  The media is eerily treating this as a cute Bonnie and Clyde love story, yet where is this lynch mob public and media.  They were up and arms over Woody Allen, Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson.  They accused those three of statutory rape and/or being a predator or pervert or whatever the hell, despite that there was never any concrete evidence for all three brought to light EVER.  And with Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips the pictures are there and in plain view, and yet the dumbed-down public is only focused on the stealing crimes instead of this illegal relationship.  How come no one is in an uproar over that?   When it’s Woody Allen, Bill Cosby or Michael Jackson, the whole world is all over that like nobody’s business because those are well known entertainers.  It doesn’t matter that no valid proof has ever surfaced that they were up to no good.  This Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips situation is in your face in front of you and no one bats an eye lash.  It’s because this Dalton Hayes dude doesn’t look like Woody Allen, Bill Cosby or Michael Jackson, therefore the public doesn’t care.  It is selective lynch mobbing.  You get a free pass if you don’t look odd and are not old.

So cute! :/

Together: Hayes is pictured above with his young sweetheart, Cheyenne Phillips. She is said to have told him she was 19 - rather than her true age of 13


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