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Looking forward to a world where religions no longer exist

September 15, 2014

Someone had mistakenly said that they look forward to a world where religion doesn’t exist.  Ah and you know you can’t let an ignorant statement like that slide.  You’ve got to correct people.  For one, that will never happen where religions no longer exist.   This person should’ve rephrased their statement to being that “I look forward to a world where people live in harmony no matter what their beliefs are.”  Instead, this person decided to make a dangerous statement that lumps an entire group.  How are they different from Hamas?  This person’s statement showed how uneducated they are, because they made the assumption that if someone is religious that they must be hate filled and violent and judgmental.  They lumped an entire group into one assault which is typical of the lower evolved.  When you do that, it makes you no different than the fascist religious nut jobs the world is filled with.  Hate filled and violent people exist in all groups regardless of their belief systems.  They can be a fundamentalist christian or they can be an atheist.


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