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Supreme Court Votes Against Making Employers Pay for Your Birth Control Pills

June 30, 2014

I’m not religious and nor am I an Atheist (thank god), but I started laughing when I saw the headline that there are actually self-entitled Americans who want their employers to pay for their birth control pills.  I thought, “Really?”  LOL.  How about they pay for my condoms and sex pills too so I can get off.   Luckily the Supreme Court voted against it.  It’s just one more thing that Obama is trying to make hardworking American taxpayers fork up.  If you’re gonna choose to have sex, then you pay for all of the necessities you need to avoid catching a disease or getting pregnant.  If you’re old enough to f**k.  You’re old enough to pay for your own preventatives.  How dare you ask strangers to pay for that.  Such arrogant entitlement.

We don’t support Hobby Lobby (  Their reasons for not wanting to hand out birth control pills is due to fictitious religious dogma.  Our reasoning for not supporting businesses to hand out birth control pills is because that’s your personal life.  What you choose to do on your own time, like have sex, is your business.  Go right ahead, but don’t expect hardworking people to foot the bill.

There are those worried that HIV medication will be the target next.  That’s just fear energy being thrown out there.  HIV medication is different than birth control pills.  HIV medication is medication to help you not get even more sick, while birth control is to prevent you from creating a baby when having sex.  Those are two completely different things.  Buy your own birth control the way you need to buy condoms.


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