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Atheists have turned into angry bullies with a license to antagonize

June 18, 2014

I’ve been discovering more and more lately how bad many of the Atheists are out there.  Before I was open to those who didn’t believe in anything, but after many run-ins with Atheist Extremists or Atheist Nazi’s and hearing others stories of run-ins, it’s now become quite clear.

Atheists only see what’s in front of them, but lack the tools necessary to see what’s beyond.   This statement easily gets over their head and they get angry.  They get upset with those who are connected to the other side protesting that they are wrong, frauds and that they would love to debate it to Hell.  Sure their are frauds in any group, but you have to be cautious about anyone who is always ready to fight.  This naturally comes from ego which Atheists tend to have quite bit of.  I know this from experience.  The majority of problems I’ve faced with when it came to antagonistic people tended to be with non-believers.  This is not because of the varying belief systems, but merely their perception is that this is a dog eat dog world or as one person mentioned, they act without consequence to an extent.  Yes, their are law abiding citizens who are Atheists.  This is not what we’re talking about and to have it spelled out for them is further proof that they lack those tools to connect.  They don’t care about other people in the greater sense where they see the love within them.  This is about competition which comes from ego.  It gives them the okay to attack others.  Don’t get me wrong, hardcore religious extremists are no different either and I am in no way religious.  It’s fine if someone is religious as long as they’re not harming others. This is the path they chose at this time.

Atheists are typically embedded deeply into the material world.  Their cultural and developmental upbringing blocks any awareness of the other side.  They have no access to it whatsoever.  They operate purely on the surface.  Now there is nothing wrong with that.  This is what that person has chosen to do in their lifetime.  What is a problem is the war they’ve brought on with others who actually do have a deeper connection than they’re capable of.

Another atheist said about spiritual or religious believers is that going to battle with them will be like clubbing a baby seal to prove that there is nothing else out there.  Not only will this put the animal rights groups in an uproar, but it further cements the violent tendencies that come out of an Atheist.  Look at how many killers we’ve had out there in history who protested to be Atheist.  They are a big contributor to the ‘noise’ all over the media.  They tend to run the media and lean the world like cattle.  Someone connected isn’t going to be resorting to gossip online.  You can easily locate the tirade of Pro-Atheist blogs which can be equated to the energy of those in the Taliban.  Someone who is a believer and doing their best to be a good person and walk in the light is not going to resort to gossip and antagonistic energy which typically comes from the lesser evolved.  Extremists of any kind are not welcomed.  I prefer those who hang out dangerously close to the middle where everyone should be.

Atheists tend to be hostile, angry and defensive.  Their ego is just as bad as a fundamentalist religious zealot.  It’s the opposite extreme just like right wing and left wing.  They will throw a tantrum if you don’t bow down to their truth just as much as someone who shoves their bible down your throat.  Atheism is so that you can act as monstrous as you like without consequence.  If someone has a belief in a higher power, so what?  What’s the deal with trying to debate them so that you can prove your right?  Prove what exactly?  According to Atheists, they don’t believe in anything.  Atheists are no different than fundamental extremist Christians.

I am pro-gay marriage and pro-equality so that has nothing to do with it.   And I’m also for freedom from religion and not forcing people to pray who don’t want to or don’t believe in it.  This has nothing to do with that.  This has to do with bullying extremists in whatever group you are following.  Once again, the not thought out point of view is being spilled over the internet waves at the hands of angry atheists.  We are so over these extreme sides and having it shoved down everybody’s throats.  If you don’t want to believe in anything, then that’s your deal.  Just because you are not in touch with what’s outside of you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Just because you’re so mired and weighed down by your own ego and lower self, doesn’t mean you’re right.  You’re just a bunch of hot air and noise.

Atheists tend to question everything with a bullying mentality and with anger instead of attempting to connect with the other side.  They’re so blocked it’s quite tragic.  They don’t believe others out there who have had different experiences that brought them a spiritual connection.  They instead resort to, ‘oh go back to worshiping your man in the sky’ rhetoric that is incredibly tired.  So what if other people have a connection that brings them comfort.  Big deal.  And we’re not for any extremist whether they’re atheist or a hard core religious person.  We have to keep saying that since Atheists like to play the victim card that they’re not this way, when indeed they are.

It is true that not having a belief in a higher power is not extremist, but there are Atheist Extremists out there who are just as bad as fundamental religious people. If an atheist is hanging out with someone who is connected to the other side, it is doubtful they can be friends.  There entire way of life is different in the way they see things.  You are not born atheist or religious.  You are born with the capacity for great love, but then somewhere along the way you managed to fuck it up.  The internet has gave a platform to all of these human souls who don’t deserve a voice.

Agnostic’s are way cooler than Atheists, because they’re open minded.  They don’t necessarily believe there is a higher power, but they’re not ruling it out either.  This isn’t as rigid as being a pointless Atheist who believes in nothing and won’t hear anything about anything that is outside of their body.  What is your point for being here then exactly?  To act out the way an animal or a monster does?  That’s essentially what I noticed them doing.

I have encountered an array of vicious people recently and discovered they all had one thing in common.  They were all Atheists!   I came across their hostility one after the other over things that had nothing to do with the other side.  It was just their everyday way of life.  It was their rudeness and bullying ways with others, I suddenly took notice and realized, ‘oh wow that person is an Atheist too.”   Sure there are good and bad people in every group, but the bad tend to be the ones out there in full force stomping their feet if you have a different point of view.  I once didn’t care that Atheists had no belief in anything.  This changed recently when I noticed the constant harassment they were putting out their in confronting and bullying other people.  I had to step in.  I’m sure there are good Atheists out there, but they are obviously laying low because they don’t seem to be vocal the way the Atheist Extremists or Atheist Nazi’s are.  They are no different than religious extremists.   Bullying is bullying no matter who it’s coming from.   They’re just the opposite extreme and the energy is no different.  If there are good Atheists out there, we would love to see this goodness, because it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.   Maybe it once did, but it doesn’t anymore.  You have two opposite extremes out there causing the most noise.  They are causing the most trouble.  Everyone needs to start waking up to where this is coming from.

Atheism is typically developed through overt religious brainwashing.  It’s like one bad side is creating another bad side in someone else.  Atheism is rigid and that this is the way it is.  There is nothing else out there.  There isn’t even the possibility of something else out there.  You can see the brainwashing that the devout religious created in developing the atheist mentality.   This is seen in the way the Atheists attack.  It’s mostly about the religious and how they are “worshiping a man in the sky” bit rhetoric.  Of course that’s the not thought out point of view.  They do have some measure of a point for being so angry with the hard core religious side for having brainwashed them so deeply.  Both sides are so lost and unable to find that common medium.  They also follow the herd instead of discovering things for themselves.  Atheism is as developed by man as is man made religion.

We’ll let the Atheists wrestle over this and play around with dissecting it and bitching about it, because it’s what they like to do.  They have super large ego’s, which is one of the many blocks that connect one with the other side.  When you’re that mired in that energy you have no connection so it’s no surprise they don’t believe in anything.  How can you when you’re blocked from experiencing it?  They haven’t quite been able to wrap themselves around that process.  We’re not going to touch or judge on Atheists anymore.  They don’t deserve any additional acknowledgment beyond this.  All that needed to be said about them is officially said and done.   It’s over.   Time to move on from this ugliness and inhumane behavior that is sweeping over the world.   If there are truly good Atheists out there, it would be nice to encounter one.

Do the real work by diving into things that are above your capacity to understand.  Sure there are frauds and scammers out there, but that doesn’t mean that the entire center is full of them.  Doubtful News?  Dive deeper even though it’s beyond your capacity to scratch beneath the surface.  It’s almost sociopathic to be that cut off.  If you’re a sweet Atheist, then accept an apology if you were at all offended by this anger.  This post would not have been made if the Atheists out there did a better job at conveying unity, which they absolutely do not.  There are so many mass murderers and serial killers in history who were protested Atheists.  The Atheists retaliation would be that wars and killings have been done in the name of “God”.  We’re not in support of hardcore religious people either.  This is about being too extreme!  Atheists are disconnected with anything outside of there body and the physical world.  They are not in tune, because if they were, well then they wouldn’t be Atheist.  It’s as simple as that.

Everything I’ve ever wanted, I’ve asked for and I’ve got it.  Everything I’ve been told about something happening to someone in the future has happened.  This has been the case since I was a child.  I’m connected beyond my physical body.

The bottom line is, Atheism and hardcore religious fanatics are no different from one another.  They are both the not thought out point of view.  They are the opposite extremes and the biggest cause of corruption in the world.  They are the most disconnected groups that exist on the planet.


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