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Did Elliot Rodger’s retribution have a point?

May 26, 2014


Not sure if anyone noticed this, but the mourners of the deaths at the hands of Elliot Rodgers seems a little out of place. The girls are wearing super short, tight mini-skirts.  If you truly cared about those who were killed, you’d have a little more respect in how you presented yourself at a mourner march for heaven’s sake.  They also don’t appear to be appropriately saddened.  It’s almost like the girls in “Mean Girls” or “Heathers”. Perhaps, Elliot Rodgers had a point about the nature of the monsters he was targeting.

I don’t support violence or that he went on a shooting spree, but he obviously was not in his right mind.  He had a history of severe illness.  He was seeking out therapy for it and that failed.  However, there are a great many people who have severe mental illnesses and seek out therapy, but would never carry out something as perfectly orchestrated as this guy.  There is no excuse for violence or killings, but on the flip side his point and his pain were very authentic. This is evident in humanity today. This is evident on the comment boards that are plagued with the lowest form of humanity scum.  This is why we don’t allow comments. There’s nothing valid in any of it. It’s all noise.

Everyone is screaming at Elliot Rodgers for what he did, but no one is taking a step back and viewing it the way Heaven would.  As per usual, the lower self in humanity goes immediately to name calling and blame.  This isn’t the first time a young Caucasion male has opened fire on people in America and it certainly will not be the last.  So let’s not act surprised and resorting to the typical, ‘hang him’, bit.  He’s gone.  He’s released.  He’s fulfilled his purpose.  It’s over.  How others cannot see that through their self centeredness and naivety that in fact they are creating this and bringing these guys up is amusing to me.  Wake up and get smart.

Perhaps, this has been the point of these particular souls that its time for everyone to wake up and pay more attention to your neighbor, exude more compassion to your colleague and fellow man.  Doing this instead of thinking only of yourself and what you can gain.  You see this photo of the mourners and there’s something completely off about it.   There is no sadness.  It’s almost like they’re just doing it because this is what their friends are doing.  There’s a coldness to these people in this photo, not far off from the coldness of Elliott Rodgers.  Is this what Santa Barbara is like?  It is a rich community full of spoiled snobs, true.  They are used to having a silver spoon in their mouth.  Elliot Rodgers was no different.  He mirrored his peers and colleagues.  Unfortunately, he let it take over him and he went on a violent rampage.  Money can’t buy love or wisdom.  Elliot Rodgers as well as his school mates appear to need that dose of compassionate wisdom.


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