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Los Angeles is a slum armpit of a place. Overcrowded, wall to wall cars and impoverished ruins

May 20, 2014

Los Angeles is truly a horrible city.

Los Angeles is a slum armpit of a place.  I find it amusing when I hear others say that there are negative and positives to Los Angeles like any other.  Really?  What are the positives exactly?   And don’t tell me shitty museums, restaurants, amusements, clubs and bars that take hours to get to that it’s just as well you stay home.  You can find those things in most cities and they contain friendlier people.

Los Angeles is abnormally overcrowded and dirty.  For example, it takes you one hour to drive 15 minutes.  No joke.  Los Angeles is like China with wall to wall people and cars.  You look at everyone alone in their cars sitting in sandwiched in traffic and you see miserable, exhausted faces.  Yeah, nothing like you see on TV and movies which are all pretend anyway.

Somehow those sitting in these cars day in and day out feel like this is normal.  It’s not normal and nor is it healthy.  This is why half of Los Angeles will die younger than others due to heart attacks and heart issues.   They’re so oblivious and naive that they’re unaware of this fact.   When you get into a car, even if you are in a good mood sitting in traffic, that is a stress weight on your back and heart.  You’re doing this 2-3 times a day everyday.  Imagine the toll that will take in a year.  They coat and mask this anxiety feeling with prescription drugs from their doctors so that they’re even more numb.   Los Angeles is does not contain as many good looking people as some believe either.  Most of the people in L.A. look haggard and worn out.  I wonder why?

This is no surprise that statistics show that Los Angeles is the #1 most congested and traffic gridlocked city than any other in the United States.  What is the City of Los Angeles doing about this?  Well, absolutely nothing as usual.  Why they have a job in office I’ll never understand.  What are you doing in that job exactly?

It’s like this all day everyday by the way. Like China, huh?

You have idiots, I mean people from other cities and states moving to Los Angeles for god knows what reason making it even worse.  I can’t figure out why they would be moving to Los Angeles to begin with.  Dreams of stardom?   Forget it.  You only have a 1/2% chance you’ll make it as a working actor or musician.  Go somewhere else.  It will never happen for you. Trust me.  I work in the ‘business’ with the heavy hitters and know the reality.  I find it amusing that the rest of the world has not caught up to this.

You’re moving or you have moved to Los Angeles for the weather?  The weather may be above 60 degrees most of the year, but what good does that do when you’re sitting in the worst brown, dirty smog imaginable.  If you don’t die of a heart attack from the stress of the traffic, then you will die due to complications with your lungs for breathing that shit in 24/7.  That is unless you are lucky enough to live near the beach.  Fat chance of that unless you’re made of money.  What difference would it make anyway?  It’s not like you’d be able to enjoy the beach.  You’ll be too busy spending 55 hours plus working in an office.  Two hours plus of that time is spent sitting in your car.   On the weekends you’ll be too burned out to go to the beach and too busy sitting in your car fighting more traffic just to go to the store.  Yep, the weekends are just as bad as during the week.  This is no wonder everyone in L.A. is exhausted or wasted.  Pointless existence and it’s clear they haven’t woken up.

When people move to Los Angeles, I always ask them what they think of it.  Every single time without question they have a let down aura about them.   “It’s okay.”  I ask, “What is it that you don’t like about it?”  They give me the same two responses.  “The traffic and the people are superficial.”  Well, how they didn’t know this before they moved to Los Angeles, I’ll never understand.  See, told ya, the obliviously dumb move to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is also the #1 city in America with the most single people.  Hmm, I wonder why that would be?  Could it be that we spend most of our time in our cars and at a job we secretly hate?  Making money we can’t enjoy?  You bump into each other and others who are just as irritated and jaded and it gets passed around like contagion.   People in L.A. truly hate themselves and their lives.

Oh the celebrities don’t count.  The odds of you running into them will be slim.  They don’t all live in L.A., and those that do either live hidden high up in the Hollywood Hills, in the Malibu area or secret rich community areas that are out of the main gridlocked city of L.A.   They hide out in their mansions when they’re not working taking it easy, instead of sitting in traffic like you.  They can afford this luxury.  They can see the nonsense from high up, but steer clear of it.

According to statistic, most of the city of Los Angeles is in varying poverty levels.  It’s like travelling through ruins of an abandoned urine infested town.  This is also due to the fact that the dumbest and poorest people tend to be the ones impregnating each other like nobody’s business.  They bring more idiots up into the city that end up resorting to crime, hate and vandalism.   Unless you’re living along the beach or on the Westside, most of Los Angeles is like the L.A. future version depicted in the movie Elysium.  Those filmmakers were not far off in where L.A. is headed.  Yet, no one does anything to change it.  They can’t since it’s too impossible.  The majority of the city is filled with what some consider to be low life’s with no goals or direction living off government checks.

No disrespect to the Latino community as a whole, but they have naively contributed to the problem.  Since they don’t believe in birth control, but they do believe in sex.  Their culture has perpetuated a myth that you should have babies you cannot afford.  My statements may not sound politically correct, but I also don’t give a fuck because I’m right.  It is evident in the statistics polled about the demographics living in Los Angeles.

Currently in 2014 it’s:

41% white

23% non-white

57% Latino

This is what it was in 2000:

55% white

40% Latino

The proof is in the numbers and any one with just half a brain can easily pinpoint what’s going on here.  Los Angeles is in a state of disarray and danger because of this and they need to wake up.  Unfortunately the dumbest people reside in L.A. so the odds of this happening will be rare.  They are creating their own downfall which will be seen at some point in the future.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and it wasn’t always like this.  It was great until about the 90’s when it started to overpopulate like mad.  It just kept getting worse and worse.  Myself and my peers couldn’t figure out how or why this was happening.  And now you can see the number increase when it did become unbearable.  It matches what was being experienced at that time.  Huge hikes of millions of people from the 90’s and above.    The 1980’s saw the MTV generation and music videos.  Fame was a bigger deal than ever.  So naturally, pointless people from other cities decided they wanted to make the move to L.A.

Look how quickly Los Angeles has grown out of control over the century:


Historical population
1900 250,187
1910 648,316 159.1%
1920 1,150,252 77.4%
1930 2,597,066 125.8%
1940 3,252,720 25.2%
1950 4,934,246 51.7%
1960 7,751,616 57.1%
1970 9,972,037 28.6%
1980 11,497,486 15.3%
1990 14,531,529 26.4%
2000 16,373,645 12.7%
2010 17,877,006 9.2%
Est. 2012 18,238,998



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