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Do you have a noisy stomping neighbor upstairs from you or are you the noisy neighbor?

April 11, 2014

When someone is living downstairs they kind of hope the person upstairs from them will be self ‘aware’ enough that there is a unit below them.  Not everyone is as considerate as you or cares.  If you’re the noisy neighbor and unaware of it, then chances are you’re oblivious and probably roam through life like a cattle stomping hoedown.  There is on the other hand only so much you can do.  If you’re practically tip-toeing, it sounds like you’re concerned and want to be respectful which is more than what others in upstairs units do.

There are things you can do to eliminate the noise.  Don’t wear your shoes around the house.  I typically take them off when I get home and put them on just as I’m running out the door.  It’s more comfortable and relaxed without shoes anyway.  Throw down rugs around your house where you walk a lot if possible.  Don’t walk so hard that your heel hits the ground everytime you walk.  This sounds like an elephant.  Women tend to be the worst offenders I’ve noticed and have heard this from others.  Most of the complaints about loud walking neighbors point to a female as the culprit.  Even other women have told me that, no offense to their gender, but they’ve noticed it as well.  Children especially 2-5 year olds are just as bad.  You can’t control a child running and stomping all over the place, but you can explain to them about the need to practice walking quietly.  You are their parent, so parent!  It’s also the fault of buildings who place people with children in an upstairs unit.  I’ve met up with building owners who are mindful of this and specifically place families with kids in a downstairs unit or in another part of the building where only families with kids are.  This is smart and someone who is considerate!


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