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Woody Allen did not molest Dylan Farrow. Charges are false and implanted by Mia Farrow.

January 15, 2014
Mia Farrow is a nutcase and so are all of the Farrow’s.   This public lynching against Woody Allen is because people who do not think much in this life, are unable to equate that Woody Allen’s relationship with Soon Yi is perfectly legal.  Soon Yi WAS NOT Woody Allen’s daughter.  If one more idiot says that I’m gonna sock them across the room.  Read this very carefully:  Soon Yi is Andre Previn’s adopted daughter, NOT Woody Allen’s daughter.  Soon Yi was of the legal age 21 when she and Woody Allen consummated their relationship.  As weird or bizarre as it might be because of their age difference and the strange dynamic, does not mean it was illegal.  This is what the idiots of the world are fixated on and equated to the recent Dylan Farrow molestation charges.
Why bring the charges up now after twenty years??  Why not do it five years ago?  Why wait until Woody Allen’s career is riding on cloud nine?  Because Mia Farrow is still holding a grudge after all these decades.  She doesn’t like that Woody Allen was basically cheating on her with his daughter.  Mia Farrow is a known psychopath and there are court reports of the strange woman scorned things she was doing  to inflict damage on Woody Allen.  This included telling her daughter that she was molested by Woody Allen.  She has her own kids brainwashed and trained.  Apparently she’s got the public entranced in a brainwash as well.  She’s brilliant! But the court of public opinion is filled with the lowest form of idiots you can imagine.  These are the ones who do not think before they speak.  They are the ones who are quick to judge, crucify and damage anything in their lives.  They are below humanity and a waste of space.
No one is a fan of child abuse or domestic abuse perpetrators, however, Woody Allen is not either of those.  That’s just the court of public opinion talking convincing you very easily that he did something he shouldn’t have.  Funny how a lie can spread so far.  These were the same people that crucified Jesus, that threw the Christians to the lions, that gassed jews in concentration camps, that hung blacks, that burned witches…all because they believed something about them that simply wasn’t true.
“Though he’s never been legally convicted of a crime, the ongoing battle between Woody Allen and the court of public opinion will never end.”

Just because someone says they’re molested all of a sudden by him, doesn’t mean it happened. Sorry I stay far away from the lynch mob ways. Innocent until proven guilty. It’s never been proven. The not thought out point of view is to assume he did simply because many find his relationship with his current mate bizarre. He wasn’t living in Mia Farrow’s house and had little to no relationship with her herd of adopted Children. When he and Soon Yi got together she was of legal age. Bizarre as it may be for judgmental critics, its still not illegal. And he and this woman are still together decades later. She’s not there via gunpoint I can assure you. And Mia Farrow isn’t exactly perfect, she has no idea who the father of her son is. So that means she has a pattern where her relationships overlap. Sorry not getting involved any more than posting this on a bizarre diatribe of criticisms and judgments simply because people feel he’s odd. And you are all special and perfect. Hardly. Look in the mirror.


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