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Miley Cyrus is the talk of the town. Now its time to put it to rest and move on.

August 27, 2013

Many are weighing in on Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA’s.  No one seems to get this fired up over more important issues that plague this world.  Why is no one mobilizing to fight poverty, children who are abused, those struggling to find work and pay their bills?  Why is no one mobilizing in this same way to bring people together?  Who cares about the performance of Miley Cyrus.  The girl is 20 and doing what she was taught by others in the pop culture sphere.  These images are projected out into the world and in our social media every single day.  This is not news.  Robin Thicke’s video features models grinding against him.  No one seemed to object with that.  In fact, most everything from music videos to magazines and even social network pages are all hyper sexualized.  If you want to fight something, then work on a broader scale.  Commenting negativity is a waste of time and horrible on your soul.  Focus on putting all of that wasted Miley Cyrus energy into more important causes in the world.  Complaining and whining about a pop star’s performance is a waste of time, energy and doesn’t help anybody at all in anyway whatsoever.  It’s time to put it to rest and move on.  Let it go.

Here is an example what a lynch mob is.  They are the same people that crucified Jesus.  They are the lowest of the lows in society.  They have nothing to contribute to society except writing trashy negative comments.  Basically complaining.  You can see where their lives are at, which is nowhere.  You will want to do some heavy Sage clearing after absorbing and reading this negative energy below.  These people don’t deserve access to a computer.

  • Jennifer Foster Moses I can’t believe with all the young girls who look up to you that you got that twisted. YOU ARE TRASH!
    • Jennifer Foster Moses and you do know you’re NOT black? dancing like a wannabe
    • Vickie Powell Miley I know trash sells and hope u r just dping this to make $$$$.
      I just can’t believe your dad is all for this! Please be a good decent roll model for young girls.
      36 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2
    • Drew Kearns No talent. You have no talent. Nothing but trash. You broke your Daddy’s Achey-Breaky Heart! Who is talking you into this crap?!!!!
    • Luis’Fer Duran M Hi Miley, I was your fan but now I see that Hannah spent a crazy maniac with his tongue hanging out and getting dressed scantily clad, disappointed me as much and what you did at the vma awards 2013 has impressed me, and we cant stop your cd I think like anything new you is frightening, bye forever miley cirus
    • Jane Cogan Killeen shut your mouth really fast and you’ll loose that thing!!! This show should have be X Rated shame on who ever rated this JUNK
    • Abdul Rahman Zionist puppet miley cyrus…..we know this act is for ur believing lord that u believe and that is Ad-Dajjal(The-Anti Christ)…
    • Clay Edward Hughes That was the worst performance ever! Really, honey have some class. You looked dumb
    • Zenon Johnson whats fishy is that her page and her dads page are still up?? they obviously love the attention they are getting, since we the ones putting money in their pockets! id deactivate my account or page if i were them!!
    • Sharon Veihl vma performace was just trashy.!
    • 19 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2
    • Gwen-Timmons Ohman Boo. I actually like some of your songs, but, those outfits were not flattering at all. Maybe a black bikini set would have looked better. Why don’t all you young girls just jump naked? That’s what you act like you want everyone to see. You use to have beautiful hair. This hair cut is butt ugly.
    • Zenon Johnson young ladies that have respect for themselves dress and act like modest ladies. you body is your temple. god made valuable things hard to get. pearls are found deep below the ocean, diamonds are buried deep in the ground. you are more valuable then pearls or diamonds and so therefore you need to cover up and put some clothes on!!!
      15 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 2
    • Nigst Tesfaye miley I think your very talented but u need to stop acting like a hoe! what are u trying to prove?
    • MaryAnn Lebeda-Bray She certainly is headed right in that direction…it’s only moments away…this is worse enough for her young followers to view…this girl is headed for big trouble!
    • Amy Haligus U have to be on something! That was the nastiest and worst performance ever! Just plain skanky!
    • Buffy Dulaney You are a disgrace! Girls looked up to u, especially after Hannah Montana ! You really need to value your position as a role model and even more so yourself! …… Were u on drugs?
    • Gayle Klein U need help girl get it before it’s to late
      7 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 3
    • Anny Hahnel not even lady gaga is so embarrassing … your tongue just annoying. you are no longer normal…
      5 minutes ago · Like · 2
      • Dylan Hoey She is a disgrace she ruined her career
      • Michael Belba You are trash, never again will my daughters see anything of you in our home, you are truly disgusting and obviously disturbed. Quite frankly, you should give up whatever career you thought you had now before you further embarrass yourself. The only thing missing from your performance was a chrome pole and drunks tossing dollar bills at you…c’ya, never even knew ya…you epitomize the word “white trash”….
        Jerri L Kerns Just plain ugly….you better take some ‘belly-flop’ lessons girl ’cause that is where you are heading.
        Brenda Craig Miley – You do not have the body-type to carry off the performance that everyone is talking about. It would have gone better if the outfit was made for you. You ain’t Beyonce. Someone should have considered your boyish body and designed an outfit that gave you look the illusion of curves. It looked like you were wearing a toddler’s one piece with the diaper showing at the leg openings, and the bra & panties looked like something out of the 1950’s. I know you did this for shock value and to boost your record sales. To me and many people, your act was an epic fail. It was not sexy, but it was sad and nasty. Your father has no problem with it because it gives him publicity as well.
        • Martha Whitaker Kaiser and to think my 6 year old idolized you! it’s like a bad mix of miley, madonna and lady gaga, only sluttier. did you daddy approve? i think not. things like YOU make me embarrassed to be white.
          • Shanaeyibranjexemanig Thompson I hate when ppl say she trying to be black I’m black and I don’t act like that I worked in night clubs and I have seen all different races acting just like that
          • Donna Mason You are a complete pig Miley cyrus – why don’t you just join all the prostitutes cause that’s what you are. And you have ruined Robin thickes song too!
          • Debbie Heaton Your performance at the awards was very disrespectful , Your father must be very disappointed in you ! My family is officially NOT your fans anymore. I am ashamed of you.
          • Chey West She’s supposed to be a role model. This is sad and it’s disturbing . She’s 19 going on non existant
          Maria Christina Kadaj Wannabe Pink and rihanna
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