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Madonna and Miley Cyrus shatter records

August 27, 2013

The country is in a typical uproar over a performance by Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s.  The lynch mob is out again in droves calling her Satan and that her career is over.  But is it?  Not so much as one source put it, “What people are saying is one thing, but what people are paying is another.”  Meaning, Miley Cyrus’ numbers just increased.  100,000 more likes on Facebook and another 100,000 on Instagram and Twitter.  Her previous single and her latest single both rose to the top 5 of the charts the day AFTER her shocking VMA performance.  Her single, “We Can’t Stop” rose back up into the top 5 singles sales charts and “Wrecking Ball” rose to #2!  She was grinding against Robin Thicke on stage which had America in a tizzy.  His song “Blurred Lines” rose to #4.   In the end, this hasn’t exactly hurt her career, since everyone’s pocket book always speaks louder.  It tends to be the opposite of what everyone is commenting negatively on.

Madonna is no stranger to controversy as she brings out the lynch mob no matter what she does.  Last year in 2012, the lynch mob vermin was out again in droves on the comment boards calling her grandma, old lady, she should just die and her career is over she peaked decades ago.  Regardless of this, it’s been announced that she is the #1 entertainer money earner in 2012 despite her album MDNA not being as successful as her others.   However, her MDNA tour showed that she could put on a killer show which is rare these days.  You know that when Madonna takes the stage you’re going to be entertained.  The woman knows how to rock an arena at every tour.  The public knows this and it spoke volumes as they went in droves to watch her on the stage in action while buying her earlier classics.  This propelled her to the #1 entertainer money earner for 2012.  The bottom line is she’s still got it three decades later.

This only proves that those who spend their time behind a computer screen venting negatively about someone does nothing to anyone but themselves.  It certainly hasn’t hurt the career of these women in particular.  You’re basically preaching to the void and sending out negative energy into the ethers.  This lowers your own vibration to super low degree which in turn is a perfect breeding ground for major diseases that wipe out humanity.  Be careful how you behave and what you say, because it will backfire and be brought into your life to the tenth power.  Remember that famous saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”


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