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Do not have kids if you cannot afford them. Food stamps run out in Georgia. Not my problem.

February 10, 2013

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  It is not my problem that you are too stupid to know any better that having sex and popping out kids you can’t afford is plain dumb.  You only hear about the ignorant, uneducated, poor and stupid doing this too.  They also raise more dumb souls out there to populate this overcrowded planet, then they destroy it through their ignorance.  

With that said, there are genuine good families out there who are educated and do work hard, but were forced into unemployment through cut backs and businesses closing who need temporary assistance like food stamps.  However, in this video you will see how they have ruined the program for the good people who need it temporarily!

You are responsible for yourself and what you do to other people.  You are causing harm to me and the rest of the planet if you are popping out kids that you cannot afford and/or are simply psychologically not built to be raising anybody!  Get smart now!  I will not pay for your stupidity.


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