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Men get too deep with the women of today and become doormats. They should all listen to Tom Leykis and learn something.

November 30, 2012

I don’t know what its like in other cities, but in Los Angeles the women tend to be bitches with an attitude problem.  The worst of them are in their 20’s, followed by those in their 30’s.  They say that when a woman is in control she’s called a bitch.  This is not true.  If they were truly in control they would be respected and admired.  There is a difference between being aggressive and being assertive.  Men tend to be assertive because they are sure of themselves, whereas women are more in tune to emotions and feelings that they react by being aggressive.  They have different receptors to stimuli and unfortunately do not know how to operate while using the positive gifts they were born with.  I’m not speaking of all of them, but I’ve come into contact with a huge chunk of them repeatedly on a regular basis.  If I didn’t I would not be posting this.  They are rude, hostile, angry and bitter.  They are also oblivious, manipulative and passive aggressive.  They don’t move with purpose, but they move with snobbery.  It’s no wonder there are so many single young people now.  Heterosexual men would prefer to be single than to come home to an unlovable bitch like that.  Unfortunately straight men are attracted to women, naturally, and don’t know what they’re getting themselves into just to get a piece of tail.  They get to deep with a woman like that and become doormats.  They should all listen to Tom Leykis and learn something.

Differences Between Aggressive Behavior and Assertive Behavior
Aggressive Behavior: Interrupts and ‘talks over’ others
Assertive Behavior: Speaks openly

Aggressive Behavior: Speaks loudly
Assertive Behavior: Uses a conversational tone
Aggressive Behavior: Glares and stares at others
Assertive Behavior: Makes good eye contact
Aggressive Behavior: Intimidates others with expressions
Assertive Behavior: Shows expressions that match the message
Aggressive Behavior: Stands rigidly, crosses arms, invades others’ personal space
Assertive Behavior: Relaxes and adopts an open posture and expressions

Aggressive Behavior: Controls groups
Assertive Behavior: Participates in groups

Aggressive Behavior: Only considers own feelings, and/or demands of others
Assertive Behavior: Speaks to the point

Aggressive Behavior: Values self more than others
Assertive Behavior: Values self equal to others

Aggressive Behavior: Hurts others to avoid being hurt
Assertive Behavior: Tries to hurt no one (including self)

Aggressive Behavior: Reaches goals but hurts others in the process
Assertive Behavior: Usually reaches goals without alienating others

Aggressive Behavior: I’m okay, you’re not
Assertive Behavior: I’m okay, you’re okay


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