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Taylor Kinney has bad energy

November 1, 2012

I don’t know if anyone has ever heard of Taylor Kinney because I never have, but I stumbled across his Twitter by accident and wow the guy has the worst energy I’ve ever picked up on.  I hope that he gets some help with his issues.  People like that should not be granted a voice, because they use it poorly and to spew bad energy out into the universe.  He does nothing to help this world at all.  He also has no identity and it seems to be wrapped around a pop star named Lady Gaga.  Its truly sad and pathetic .

This is the Twitter link:

Also if that’s not really Taylor Kinney and an impostor, then that’s even worse!  Twitter needs to rip that twitter account down for not only using someone else’s identity, but using their identity in a harmful way!  I would file a lawsuit against them.


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