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EXCLUSIVE: Undercover At NOM’s Anti-Gay Student Conference

August 28, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Undercover At NOM’s Anti-Gay Student Conference

Great piece, although I think there are only a few areas I actually agree with the other side to an extent.  Never mind that its the not thought out point of view, but still…this:

“When you’re on a gay website, and again you have to be careful because things can get pretty crazy pretty quickly, you see much more of the worldview that’s surrounding their advocacy of this issue. When you see, for instance, an article about how awful, how horrible Professor Regnerus is with his exploitation and stereotyping of gay people, and then on the side is ad after sponsored ad for gay hookup sites, for pet grooming, and for, I mean, literally – this is sort of like the worldview of the people who are fighting us very seriously.”

THIS.  I think of gay and there are hooking up adventures marketed to gays like there’s no tomorrow.  What’s up with that?

Dr. Jenet Erickson, an assistant professor at BYU’s School of Family Life called same-sex relationships “inherently unstable,” suggesting that gay partners eventually get bored of each other as a result of having the same gender.

THIS.  The majority of gay people I know are all single.  When they are in a relationship its over within a couple months.

The rest of what was presented at this seminar is all garbage, but I can be objective and those last two bits are the two parts that they were pretty close to accurate.  At least this is just what I’ve encountered, if its not like that then lets see it!

And don’t worry I’m for Marriage Equality because no one should be denied to marry the one they love and build a LONG TERM life with.  That is the only reason to want Marriage Equality.


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