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A Father says to his four year old son in public, “I’m not raising a fag princess lover.”

August 25, 2012


Yesterday a dad was checking out with his son who was 3 or 4 years old. While in line the kid saw the balloons and said he wanted one. The dad said sure and went to get him a Spongebob one but the kid said he wanted Snow White. The dad started to freak out and said he can only get Spongebob or he isn’t getting one. The kid didn’t freak out or start to cry he just looked sad and said he wanted Snow White he took one and was holding it close to him it was really cute. The dad said no and then said “I’m not raising a fag princess lover.” I was shocked this man would say that to his four year old.

I was having a bit of a bad week so this just annoyed me and I said “Why would you say that to your son?” The guy looked shocked that I said something. He said “Mind your own business.” I just said “Pretty hard to do that when you’re making a scene over a balloon.” The dad started to freak out saying he was never coming to the store again and all that jazz and said he wanted to see a manager. They came over and a few cutsomers who were there said he was making a big deal about the balloon and just being an ass. My manager calmed him down and the guy bought his stuff and left. I let he kid take the balloon because the dad still wouldn’t buy it and they’re only 89 cents.

I found the balloon in the garbage later. Like seriously why do people make such a big deal about stuff like this? Maybe the kid has a crush on Snow White? Maybe he likes her dress? Who cares he’s 4 and doesn’t understand the whole “liking princesses is for sissies” crap. Why crush his spirit? I know plenty of guys who liked “girl” toys and stuff when we were younger and they’re pretty tough guys. My one cousin was obsessed with Ariel when we were kids and he is now in the Navy. I don’t know just annoyed me and I felt I should share. Anyone ever experience something like this whether seeing it or having it happen to you?

I know for a fact if I was a kid I would have wanted the Snow White balloon :3


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