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Another article on open relationships paints gays in a poor light.

August 15, 2012

This article is about open relationships and assuming that all gay people want that. That is simply just not true and nor is it around the gays around me either. They actually want a committed monogamous relationship with one person and are perfectly capable of sustaining that without a problem. This is also why they want Marriage Equality. Heterosexuals didn’t invent committed relationships so that is false also. It’s having values and being able to respect the union that you’re in. You connected with this one person in this lifetime to be faithful and loyal too. Don’t get me wrong if you want or have an open relationship then that was decided between yourself and the person your with and that’s great for you, but don’t shove down the rest of our throats that this is the norm among gay people. You’re digging a hole for all of them by falsely speaking out for us. So anyone who is against gays or same sex marriage and thinking this is what we want after reading this article as I’ve noticed in the comments, it isn’t. This article simply paints us in a poor light and groups us all together as having the same beliefs. We don’t and we don’t have anything in common except our sexual preference. That’s where it ends.


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