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Lady Gaga fans poorly attempt to sabotage Madonna

March 26, 2012

Lady Gaga fans poorly attempt to sabotage Madonna.  This is unfortunate as these are a group of people who worship an artist like Lady Gaga whose motto is to show compassion and not bully.  They’re essentially not doing that and thus proving that Lady Gaga’s message is null and void.

When you work for a boss you are representing that person.  These Lady Gaga fans are supposed to be representing her, but instead they’ve been wasting time attacking an artist like Madonna.  Madonna has been a successful entertainer for 30 years.  We’re not going to see Lady Gaga around 30 years from now as she will be burned out within the next 10.  This has been predicted by the way you understand.

These same Lady Gaga fans who’ve been attacking Madonna by hiding behind a computer screen have unfortunately for them revealed their true nature.  These are insecure, threatened people with low self esteem and no drive.  The only one in the world that pays any attention to them is a pop artist like Lady Gaga who is graciously accepting their money.  They put her on a pedestal in an unhealthy obsessive way to the point that they lash out by trying to knock another artist they fear will steal the limelight from Lady Gaga.  What will happen then?  No more Lady Gaga.  They’re in fear and are acting from fear and it shows.  Poor things.

First of all Lady Gaga will not be no more as the music industry has room for many artists.  Madonna on the other hand is never going away no matter how many times you call her a corpse.  She’s a well oiled toned machine who can kick your ass til Tuesday.  Not bad for someone who is dead.  Madonna is anti-drugs and operates from the spirit.  Lady Gaga freely admits to getting stoned and drinking into oblivion.  She also doesn’t work out or take care of herself.  Have you seen those thunder thighs lately?

Madonna’s latest album MDNA hit #1 in 50 countries, something Lady Gaga has yet to accomplish.  The reason this is so is because Madonna attracts audiences from all walks of life regardless of gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation or religious sect.   Lady Gaga’s fans are made up mostly of young insecure gays who’ve no doubt been bullied.  This is the way they retaliate by going out there and slandering Madonna in any capacity.  They’d never get away with it to her face because they’ll never get close enough to her.

Luckily, the majority of the public could care less about those insects and purchase whatever they want.

Madonna’s album MDNA has debuted at #1 on its release date.  Lady Gaga has yet to achieve that.  Her greatest album, “The Fame” debuted at #17 and only peaked at #2 before dropping off the charts.  “Born This Way” which wasn’t as good as the previous album topped the charts, but did not debut #1.

The point is Lady Gaga fans give it a rest as your insecurity shines through your venomous rhetoric.

By the way Lady Gaga is a great and talented artist, but her fans are low life idiots full of fear.  It’s kind of like Jesus.  We love Jesus, but hate his followers.


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