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Rick Santorum’s Top Reasons for wanting to be President

March 19, 2012

Rick Santorum’s Top Reasons for wanting to be President:

His top concerns as President: 1) Women (what and who should go in and out of a woman’s vagina) 2) Homosexuality: What are they doing behind those closed doors and why do they seem to be so happy doing it? 3) Pornography: What everybody else is doing behind closed doors.

It seems to me he is just a little too obsessed with sex and everyone else who is getting some! Get off the campaign trail, put on some Barry White, and get down to the “Down and Dirty ” business! And don’t come up for air until your wife tells you to!

The war on porn? Really? How about putting people back to work? Our economy is a wreck and we really don’t need to spend tax dollars on porn peddlers. Besides if you don’t want to watch porn, then don’t buy it or watch it, it’s pretty simple. Also, if you have kids and you don’t want them to see it, then get involved in your kids life and monitor what they are doing online, ya know be an active participant in your kids life?  There’s a thought.  You want to be a Parent so bad, then actually parent.  Don’t pop kids out of your vagina as if you’re doing something so miraculous for humanity.


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