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Another bad gay view of non-monogamy rammed down the public’s throats

January 17, 2012

Another bad gay view of non-monogamy rammed down the public’s throat.  Two adult film actors Samuel Colt & Chris Porter shove bullshit down the gays throats about how non-monogamy and unfaithfulness is the way to go in relationships.

They drone on over how they met via twitter seeing how cute the other one was.  Because we all know that’s the way to true love right?   These poor saps couldn’t have sex on their first date and get it out of their system because one of them was fucking on camera the next day.  Oh the life of porn actors.  Instead they went to a seedy basement to make out.

The other idiot porn actor, Chris Porter, claims he was in love when he saw the guy again one month later.  I’m sorry but that’s not love.  You had only seen him once.  These are like a couple of school girls.  After their second meeting they immediately wanted to move in with one another.  Have you caught all the red flags in this yet?

We’re not done yet, he goes to the other guy’s house only to discover that this guy is already dating someone else he met the day before him and is living there.  Most real men with balls bail when they discover that by the way.  They both drone on about hooking up with many people, then proceed to actually call this romantic.  I call it sick, but that’s just me.  Two people regardless of the genders involved gets that label.  I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, but it seems to be very common with gays and I imagine gives them a bad name in the process.

Idiot Samuel Colt states, ” We don’t have to have sex only with each other to be faithful. I’m completely faithful to him, emotionally and with my heart. I can still get gang-banged and want to go back home to him.”

Sorry this ain’t love and it’s not a real relationship.  It’s lust and obsession.  And then they’re demanding Marriage Equality.  Pppff.   Marriage Equality is for those that are able to spend their lives in a committed union with one another whether you are gay or straight, but if homos like this keep shoving non-monogamy down everyone’s throats that’s not exactly a recipe for a marriage.

Full story here.


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