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Victoria Jackson of SNL passed away

November 16, 2011

Victoria Jackson of SNL passed away.  At least that’s what I thought until she came up out of nowhere with another anti-gay project.  That’s the only time we hear from her because she’s got nothing else going for her.

She has a video show with the most dumbest broads roaming the planet.  They sound like a bunch of clucking hens discussing how hurt they are that gay people (or most people for that matter) dislike them.  Gee I wonder why.

When the women eventually discuss marriage equality, idiot Ann-Marie Murrell who I’ve never heard of says that gay people are a very small minority with the loudest voice and are controlling the media and the dialogue.  I wonder if she pulled that from somewhere out of her dried up ass.  Where the hell does she get her statistics from?  Oh that’s right from nowhere except that empty head of hers.

She describes gay marriage as a government intrusion issue. “If a church doesn’t believe that (a same-sex couple) then trying to force the government to make them bend their beliefs is just as wrong as they say bringing religion into schools or praying out in public,” Murrell says. “They don’t want us to do that so why are they trying to take over the churches?”   Huh?  Last I checked no one was trying to take over anything dumb fuck.  They just want marry the person they love and have the life they want while they’re here.  Stop trying to take it from them you dumb broad.

The women seem to have no objection to civil unions. “It’s very much a double standard,” says another idiot, Jennique Stewart whom I’ve also never heard of.  “They say we’re intolerant but they’re intolerant of our views.”  Ok listen you fucking dip shit, no one is intolerant of your views, they just want a place to sit with you at the table.  They’re just asking to be included.  Where is your fucking brain?  My god how do these idiots get a platform.

Then Victoria Jackson who I thought was dead chimes in, saying, “And we outnumber them… like 8 to 2 or something.”  Or something.  Right.  So this is actually a contest for you.  You want to win and you want everyone to live in fascist state that you control. You get to have all the luxuries because you’re a fat blonde pig, while the rest of the world has to sit at the back of the bus just because.

At the end of the first show, Murrell laments that the media seems to be controlled by liberals. “We have Fox News and some talk radio and that’s all we have. We have got to be able to talk about this without guarding our words.”  Aww that’s all you have?   I’m weeping over here.  So then that means that Victoria Jackson’s asinine statement of outnumbering by 8 to 2 is actually wrong.  So the 2 is you! hahah!  That’s because you’re alone and most of society doesn’t agree with you or want any part of your nonsense.


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