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Texas parents in outrage over teacher being fired for her sexuality

November 16, 2011

Texas parents in outrage over teacher being fired for her sexuality.   As conservative as Texas has known to be don’t confuse conservative with being close minded.  Texas has been known to have many conservatives rallying to support gays over certain things.  One of them is recently due to the firing of a teacher that they believe was fired for being gay.  The school claims it was over performance issues, but after her replacement turned out to be much worse the parents and students got together in protest.

“I think that her being gay has nothing to do with her coaching skills,” parent Tiniqua Smith told KDAF. “She has not tried to push this off on the kids, and I don’t feel like that should be a problem.”

The Parents of the students at the Life School in Waxahachie, Texas are fighting hard to get this woman her job back.

Just goes to show you that not all of society is filled with hate even those in the bible belt.


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