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Brett Ratner, a Hollywood Homophobe

November 9, 2011

Victoria A. Brownworth wrote an article on Brett Ratner being a homophobe for the Advocate.  It was articulate and well written, but while making some valid points she managed to bathe the article in offensive gay stereotype.  The irony of defending one group while offending them in the process I have no tolerance for.

To make some corrections to it I’ll point some of them out.  For one she overuses the word “queer” which is construed to be just as offensive as the word “faggot” if not worse.  In my opinion queer is worse.  Also she states that Brett Ratner could learn something from Isaiah Washington who isn’t working much since he misused the word.  The real reason Isaiah Washington isn’t working is because most people have never heard of him and he’s not all that talented.

This isn’t to criticize her piece completely as some of the actual valid points she does make is that celebrities run to GLAAD for rehab and a nice pat on the back.  Yeah, that’s true, but if they weren’t addressing it and showing a turn around, then they’d be even more lambasted.   She needs to relax since many people say things unaware they’ve caused offensive.  They come from a different background and are influenced by their environment and upbringing.  They should be applauded for choosing to take that extra step to work with GLAAD and learn what is appropriate or not.  I guess this is a part praise – part criticism on this one.

Also I didn’t realize that Lindsay Lohan identified as a Lesbian.  I think that’s a label that she slapped on her.  Lindsay’s not exactly working much these days either.

Every word used in this paragraph she wrote here wreaks with the worst gay offensive stereotype I’ve ever seen:

“If it’s defamation to slur other minorities, then it’s not okay to slur queers. We don’t need to boycott Ratner’s films; we aren’t his audience. But we do need to remind the Powers That Be that we are a large demographic for the entertainment industry and a major demographic of its behind-the-scenes workers (can you say hair, makeup, set design?).”

Anyway to read the more damage than good article piece in question just click on the photo:

Victoria A. Brownworth, op-ed contributor


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