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Grindr features the gay trash all in one place

November 3, 2011
“Grindr features the gay trash all in one place.  The app is also the quickest way to attract hiv or commit infidelity.  Those guys are the lowest of the low.  The ones with no social skills or drive not to mention follow through.  They can’t construct a perfect sentence therefore I can’t understand why anybody would be that interested in meeting them?  Oh that’s right because it’s actually a quick ‘hook up’ app, but they’re disguising it as a “buddy” app so you’re personality or who you are is unimportant.  It makes you rethink the idea of Same Sex Marriage – which I’m all for because I don’t give a shit what anybody wants to do.  I just want to be able to pay my bills and have security.  I expect those that are gay and on grindr to uphold the highest of standards if you could simply get your head out of the gutter for five minutes.”  

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