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Anti-gay rants will get you a nice big pay cut!

October 25, 2011

This one goes out to all the homophobes and anti gay Americans out there.  Apparently now when you go on a homophobic rant in places like Facebook, be prepared to take a giant pay cut at work if not demotion or even termination.  The reason is when you’re employed by a company, that company expects you to uphold certain standards as you are representing them.  Most companies today in 2011 are actually not anti-gay and prefer to keep things neutral.  You get a nice big kick in your socially and morally repressed butt for using liberal media for your anti-gay rants.   Let’s also not forget that Facebook also doesn’t approve of it either which is why it can be reported with a click of the button.  Stay locked up in your homes and churches where you can sit back and spend the days making anti-gay rants with each other to your hearts content and no one will bother you.

Good day.


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