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Open Letter to Reverend Milton Hobbs

October 18, 2011
Dear Reverend Milton Hobbs,
I’m surprised that you would support Viki Knox who walks on this planet with hate on her back.  She condemns and harasses certain people in this country who have done nothing to bother her.  I would think that someone of your intelligence or lack of would know the difference between being a true Christian that is about all love, rather than a fundamentalist Christian which is the true work of the devil.
Viki Knox has the right to free speech absolutely, but no she does not have the right to have that view in the current professional position she’s in.  She is dangerous with those views while in the presence of young people who need supportive adults around them. Shame on her and shame on you for backing her up.  Her words show that she is not a nice person and for you to make excuses is a big cop out.  Christ was the first one to raise his hand and be a friend to homosexuals or those ostracized from society.  You of all people should know that and should be following in his footsteps.  I find it hard to believe that I’m a truer Christian than you are.
The real issue here is not about free speech, so please don’t get that confused or try to sway the masses with that misguided view.  The issue is that this is someone who only perpetuates bullying and the very apparent teen suicide.  As a Christ lover, follower and channelor myself I do not support her or your views and I can tell you through my conversations with him that he does not either although he comes from a bigger place of love with his responses on this.  You should also know better than anyone else that the tiny little sliver in the bible that says homosexuality is a sin was put in there by man much later in the game.  This was during a time when man wanted to find all sorts of ways to persecute people that were different, but had no threat. I think were all smart enough now to know that homosexuality is not a choice.  You are born with it.  No one chooses a life to be slammed by society especially when the homosexuals I’ve met have been more about love than anyone I’ve ever met.  That doesn’t occur to you that maybe despite you’re uncomfortable with the fact that someone can’t help being in love with the same gender that beyond that they are the most incredible people?   And that maybe that were put here to teach our minimal minds.
God loves all of his creation including homosexuals, that’s why there is so many of them.  It’s also unfortunate that the homosexuals have to be ostracized and put down in this lifetime, but what they don’t understand is that it is for a reason.  Through my communications with Jesus and the others by his side they were put here during this time to live a hundred lifetimes in one lifetime in order for them to be placed at the highest spiritual .  She needs to be fired and booted out. It’s god’s way.  Then she’s free to make ALL the free speech her little heart desires and she’ll leave be alone.   Right now she’s a fired up dangerous bully and I want her away from impressionable minds that should’ve had her all encompassing love for them no matter what.  How will she learn if she’s not even getting it from the church?  If my children were in her class I would rip them out of there as fast as I can and find an instructor that teaches with all love and all knowing like our creator.  She should be ashamed that she walks alongside with me and Christ.  She does not and neither do you for backing it up as well, but I forgive you and her for not understanding any of this.  It may take you both a couple of lifetimes to let it sink in.  You’re Reverend title means nothing to me.  You’re just a poor misguided man and I mean that with respect.  I hope while in this lifetime that you and her will live a thousand times to understand the true meaning of Christ and love all who show you no harm.
With love

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