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Angry Jesus Lover found

October 10, 2011
Jordan Wood “Your an angry homo.. Hey I have no issues with homosexualtity bro.. Other-than the fact that your goin to burn hell and your populating the community with aids. Wasn’t tryin to be rude but if you wanna be a hostile little fairy… Well then we can play… Il just make sure to wear gloves so I don’t catch anythin”
    • Jordan Wood  I noticed that you call yourself Christian, that’s funny… I recall in the bible it being Adam and eve not Adam and Steve.. I don’t know bout that. You might as well worship Satan if your gonna make a lifestyle of a besetting sin bro. The bible says and I quote…”one man, and one women” not poligamy or homosexuality… Il pray for you to straighten out.. Ha!!! No pun intended

    • Jordan Wood I’m not religious. Religion is just the opposite of carnality. The devil can do two things… Hold you back or push you forward!!!
    • Jordan Wood Wow bro.. I didnt know there was people like you… Maybe I’m just “sheltered” idk.. I grew up in the church.. And I didn’t know this was a competition and what did you win? Did you “come on Down” and did you hug bob barker? And what wAs behind door number 3? Man you queers are disgusting and so voilent and self righteous.. I’m glad I straight
    • Jordan Wood ok you fag… you would speak irish.. it is pronounced GAY-LICK… makes sense. just leave it be…

I should ad that this text comes from a Christian, someone who is allegedly supposed to be representing Christ and doing a terrible job at it which is why more people are becoming turning away from religion. No one wants to be a part of a hostile group of people. It is also clear that this gentleman is coached to hide behind fake propriety or 2500 year old hateful pronouncements from superstitious authoritarian patriarchs and polygamists.

The quotes they pull out are always the same. The Bible is a huge book and the only thing that is quoted on is homosexuality. That’s the only thing. Nothing else is remembered or followed or quoted upon. That text which condemns homosexuals was not added by God and it is not his word. It was added by angry men who wanted to manipulate the masses through religion. This is easy to do because you’re dealing with the brain dead and they’ll follow and believe anything. They’re looking for a reason to vilify those they’re disgusted by which is anyone who isn’t like them. It does not come from God, our creator. The only Hell that exists is separation from God. It doesn’t matter whether you’re homosexual or heterosexual, but that you’re improving yourself every day and treating everyone around you with kindness. The irony is that those that are experiencing and/or will experience real hell are those like that guy that posted the hate speech above on someone’s Facebook page, which claims to have a clause against that. Unaware that this stuff actually gets filtered through the internet for others like us here to be able to pull it out and re-post for educational purposes.

How do you teach someone to have compassion when they simply don’t have the brain capacity to absorb that information? This is not meant to be in a mean way, it’s meant to be in a helpful way. Those that have compassion leave them alone, but they don’t leave others alone. It’s not even real religion. They’re not religious. They just want to hate everyone around them who are not like them. Just because they don’t get it and they don’t get it because they didn’t grow up around it or they were trained by those around them behave that way towards those not like them. Or they simply just don’t know any better.

“I don’t judge and have no problem with homosexuality, but it is a sin.” To believe that mantra is misguided. So you have the market cornered on what sin is? And you don’t sin at all. The worst sin committed by man is judgment. Man sins everyday. Homosexuality is not a sin. Loving another is not a sin. Adultery is a sin whether you’re a heterosexual or a homosexual. This was Jesus’ plight. That’s all he cared about. To lump all gays or all straights into groups is just fucking dumb and the only reason you do it is because the other idiots in you’re congregation tell you to do so.


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