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Anti-Gay Messages All Over Republican Candidate Events

October 7, 2011

Anti-Gay messages are all over Republican candidate events this year.  This is truly unfortunate for them and unfortunate period.  The reason is if this weren’t the case they would have so many people backing them up then.  I for one used to always vote Republican and stand by them up until they started involving religion into their politics and obsessing over the gays.  That turned me off  over time and obviously many others because they were all forced to vote for god awful money spending hungry Obama.  People would rather have someone who can’t balance a budget and run us into the ground than have a candidate who is like a hateful preacher only representing white angry dried up people who hate gays.

Read on and see all the disgusting photos at these events

How does the American public feel about this? (If you’re a bigot you don’t get a say in this.  Sorry.)

  • “Hi my name is Newt Gingrich and I believe that traditional marriage should be between and man and a woman….so much so I’ve been married 3 times to 3 DIFFERENT women…but hey 1 man and er…3 women is still considered traditional marriage…..right? RIGHT”
  • “Kind of reminds me of another place, and another time. Say, the early 1930’s in country called Germany. If memory serves me correctly, we we’re in a world wide depression at the time as well.”
  • “How appropriate that NOM chose to use black, red and white — the colors of the Nazi flag!”
  • “hey, where’s the anti divorce signage? don’t they want to save god’s marriage?”
    That’s the issue here, if they were anti-divorce too then I could understand their rhetoric to an extent.  This doesn’t belong in politics and in the land of the free.

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