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Pray the gay away

July 29, 2011

Pray the gay away.  Sally Kern and Ann Coulter offer their very unhelpful and unhumanitarian advice as always.  It seems that Coulter and Kern are the ones talking about the gays.  I’m still moving forward with my life working and producing and being productive with other things that are worth something. What are they doing? Um talking about the gays, then saying they wish there was a week we didn’t talk about the gays. Well stop talking then.  Although I sometimes enjoy listening to Ann Coulter and her view, I do not and have never agreed with her on her gay rights stance.  She’s more tolerant than the others in her group though.  Sally Kern can get lost.  The day I don’t have to hear about her or see her will be a joyful day.  Jesus will be happy too.

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