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The brilliant thinker, Keith Olbermann, on Same Sex Marriage

June 24, 2011

The brilliant Keith Olbermann on Same Sex Marriage:

“Every year the margin by which this country supports this grows.  And within a decade, or perhaps less, it will be universal in this nation. Period.  When gay marriage is legal everywhere, the opponents will be revealed for carrying water for a larger kind of orthodoxy.  Their church is opposed to same-sex marriage because same-sex marriage means diversity, and diversity means peaceful interactions between members of different groups and religions, and peaceful interactions means fears and prejudices are diminished, and the diminishing means those churches’ cartel in the religion business is jeopardized.”
Indeed, opponents of marriage equality in New York have invoked religious arguments. For example, onetime New York Giants Super Bowl hero David Tyree predicted “anarchy” because of a loss of moral values and described heterosexual marriage as “the only relationship that actually mirrors a relationship with God.”

Olbermann sees naïveté in religious arguments.

“If you think big league religions are only about faith and not at all about business or about keeping people scared, then you have not been paying attention in church or out,” he told viewers.

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