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Former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree looks for something to do and chooses to vote against Same Sex Marriage

June 21, 2011

Former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree lobbied against the marriage equality bill on Monday in Albany, where he said that passage of the measure would lead to social instability and called instead for “a people’s vote” on the issue.

“If we redefine marriage, we’re opening up the door for a whole different type of lawlessness to come in,” Tyree said at the state capitol building, where marriage equality advocates and opponents, including many clergy members, held loud but peaceful rallies throughout the morning and afternoon.

“Who’s to say polygamists can’t have five wives after that?” added Tyree, who is known for an improbable catch in the final moments of the 2008 Super Bowl. “So it opens up the door for the moral fabric of our society to move in what I believe is a negative direction.”

Last week Tyree appeared in a video for the National Organization for Marriage in which he said passage of the marriage equality bill in New York would lead to “anarchy” nationwide. A devout Christian, he said Monday that he is new to policy issues, so he could see himself lobbying lawmakers only on marriage equality and abortion, which he also opposes.

Asked whether he personally knew any gay players in the NFL, the retired Tyree said he did not, although he believed there probably were some gay men in the league. He said that had a fellow player come out, it would not have made him uncomfortable.

“No. Love them all the same,” he said.

How about we take a vote on black rights then?  Wonder how he’d feel about that.


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