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Cher’s daughter becomes a man. Chaz.

May 3, 2011

We all have to understand that while many are supportive of gays and don’t care either way, changing ones entire gender is an entirely different category where many don’t understand it.  Even those who in the end don’t really care either way, but when pressed or asked would say they actually don’t understand it.  It has nothing to do with gay or straight.

Becoming Chaz – the documentary is obviously a step in the right direction to showcase what it’s really like.  And to show why one feels the need to go through a major change like that rather than accepting that you came out as a man or a woman into this world and that was your path.   Your attraction to men or women is irrelevant.  Changing your gender is an entirely different genre.  It’s something that I don’t understand, but if that’s what someone feels they need to do I wouldn’t stop them.

It’s reported that Cher hosted a screening of the upcoming documentary Becoming Chaz, which follows her son’s transition from female to male, for a small group of close friends at her home in Malibu.

“I admire my son Chaz’s courage for sharing his personal journey,” Cher is quoted as saying after the screening. “Most important to me is that he is very happy. That’s what I care about the most. He has my love and support.”

Becoming Chaz  will premiere on the Oprah Winfrey Network on May 10, the same day Bono’s memoir Transition will be published.

For more information on Becoming Chaz click here

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