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Girls beat up transgender woman in McDonalds while employees do nothing but look on. Time to take action!

April 24, 2011

WATCH THE VIDEO!!  Then come back and sign the petition.

A friend of mine posted that on his facebook. I usually don’t really take part in those kind of petitions, but that one shocked me, and I decided I would sign and share.

You can see the petition here :

UPDATE 5/17/11: 

The Washington Blade reports on the charges related to the videotaped assault against Chrissy Lee Polis in a Baltimore suburb that drew widespread condemnation last month.

“The grand jury indicted Teonna Brown, 18, on first and second-degree assault and classified the offenses as hate crimes. Sources familiar with the case say a 15-year-old girl charged as a juvenile, whose identity has been withheld by authorities, faces the same charges in juvenile court,” reports the Blade.

The assault charges normally carry a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment for a convicted adult, but the addition of the hate crime charge could add up to 10 additional years to the penalty.

I’d like to see those girls get 25 years in prison. Clearly they have no future anyway, you can tell by their actions. A civil obedient and decent and compassionate human being would never have resorted to that. Keep trash in prison where they belong.

I love that they’re trying to say they acted in self defense.  uh-huhh right.   Nice try.  You’re going to jail ladies and thank your parents and peers for teaching you about nothing except hate.

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