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The Lakers Want Fans To Celebrate Differences and Unite

April 21, 2011

The Lakers want fans to celebrate differences and unite.  This is a big step forward that the Lakers have said enough is enough.

The Los Angeles Lakers and their captain, Kobe Bryant, recorded a video message to fans denouncing bullying and defamatory language at the Staples Center.

The video will air locally in Los Angeles.  It will also play during home games at the Staples Center.

In the city of Los Angeles which contains the biggest diversity group in the country, everyone found it strange that 50% of L.A. voted for Proposition 8 and 50% voted against Proposition 8.  No one could figure out who were the people in the group that voted for Proposition 8 in L.A.?  Everyone thought L.A. was as cool, open and as accepting of one another as you could get.  Not quite.  When they looked at the statistics of where those votes came from there was an interesting find.  Those that voted against Proposition 8 and supported same sex marriages were mostly made up of white and college educated.  Those that voted for Proposition 8 and against same sex marriages they discovered were mostly minorities other than white and high school as the highest level of education.

The fact that the Lakers are now going to feature this video during their games moving forward may assist in educating those that didn’t get quite enough of the education that they should have.

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