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Thumbs Up to Rapper Lil B who will name his album “I’m Gay”

April 18, 2011

Lil B to Name Album “I’m Gay”

Rapper Lil B, who is straight, said he planned to make an album called “I’m Gay” in order to make a point about tolerance.
Of course his reasoning seems to be off as he stated he wants to call it then because he’s just happy.  Remember when “Gay” simply meant happy.  We need to go back to that.
On not being a homosexual his statement deserves some lessons in what not to say:  “It’s a touchy subject.  I respect the hell out of gays and the gay community.  I’m not a gay man.  I don’t agree with sex with another man or fucking another man or giving blow jobs to another guy.  That’s not my thing.  I’d rather fuck a girl, fuck her in her ass, fuck her in the mouth or something.  Sorry for the cussing.”
Here that ladies?  He wants to fuck you all over.  You’re welcome to not agree with it after all that is a touchy subject.
To read on click here.
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