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Support Louis Marinelli previously from the National Organization of Marriage

April 18, 2011

Louis Marinelli, the ex-staffer of the National Organization for Marriage who recently announcedhe had reversed his position on the issue, has made his own video in support of equality.

Maybe his wording may be incorrect, but you know what, this is a big step for someone like that.  And it just goes to show you that they’re all capable of change if they open up their eyes and see humanity.  This guy did and now does so cut him a break before you start knocking him.  This is a major change for someone associated with the horrible waste of space they call the National Organization of Marriage.  He’s not going to learn the proper wording in a day, hell I don’t know what the proper wording is.  Is their a dictionary I can buy on the subject?

To read on click here.

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